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Mayor Rybak Attends 2,000th CES home visit

From “The Mayor Blog”:

As great as it was to participate in the 2,000th home energy audit since the program began last year in 28 pilot neighborhoods, we also announced today that the program will be soon available citywide and will serve 4,000 more households. So if you’ve taken advantage of Community Energy Services already, congratulations; if you’re in a neighborhood that’s currently eligible, don’t wait any longer; and if you live in another neighborhood, contact your neighborhood organization today and encourage them to sign up for Community Energy Services today so that you can start taking advantage of it.

Thank you, Mayor Rybak, for blogging about our program!


Southwest Journal Article on CES

“They were good,” Siegel said of Prebich and Shannon. “They were really professional and easy to have in the house. I’ll do everything they’ve told me. It was great to hear I was doing well because I’m sort of competitive.”

And Siegel echoed Reinan’s sentiment about the program.

“There’s no reason for anybody not do it,” she said frankly.

Check out this great profile of two Minneapolis homeowners who took advantage of the Community Energy Services program to reduce their utility bills and save energy in their homes.

:: Southwest Journal

FAQ: Water Heater Woes

From the Minnesota Energy Challenge Blog:

But when I turn my water heater down, I can’t get hot water to my upstairs bathroom!

Pipe wrap is an easy and quick solution to water heating woes – and it’s one of the materials that we provide and install for you as part of the CES program!

:: Energy Challenge Blog

FAQ: Should I Toss my Incandescents?

From the Energy Challenge blog:

But what should I do with old incandescents that are still, technically, working?

:: Minnesota Energy Challenge Blog