New CES website!

Community Energy Services has a new website!  Visit to see eligible neighborhoods, check the calendar of upcoming workshops, download your registration form and see the incentives and rebates available to CES participants!

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New Labels for Light Bulbs

From the Minnesota Energy Challenge blog:

I’ve been waiting for standard compact fluorescent light bulb labeling for a while now, so I’m really excited to hear that standard labels are coming next year! These new labels will be on all packaging for incandescents, CFLs and LED light bulbs and are modeled after nutritional facts labels.

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Southwest Journal Article on CES

“They were good,” Siegel said of Prebich and Shannon. “They were really professional and easy to have in the house. I’ll do everything they’ve told me. It was great to hear I was doing well because I’m sort of competitive.”

And Siegel echoed Reinan’s sentiment about the program.

“There’s no reason for anybody not do it,” she said frankly.

Check out this great profile of two Minneapolis homeowners who took advantage of the Community Energy Services program to reduce their utility bills and save energy in their homes.

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Upcoming CES Workshops: August

Informational Meetings

If you have participated in CES and want to help spread the word to your neighbors and friends, or are interested in getting a sneak preview of the program, attend one of our informational meetings!

  • Wednesday, August 11th – Kenny Neighborhood – 6:30PM at Kenny Park, 1328 58th Street West
  • Thursday, August 12th – Victory Neighborhood – 7PM at The Warren Habitat, 4400 Osseo Road
  • Monday, August 16th – Windom Neighborhood – 6:30PM at the Windom South Community Center, 5843 Wentworth Avenue S
  • Tuesday, August 24th – Tangletown Neighborhood – 6:30PM at Mayflower Congregational Church, 106 East Diamond Lake Rd

Please RSVP to Ashley Robertson at or 612-335-5869

Main Workshops

If you are interested in seeing our free Saving Energy 101 presentation, receiving materials and signing up for a home visit, attend one of our main workshops!

  • Thursday, August 12th – Longfellow Neighborhood – 6:30PM at Longfellow Community Center, 3435 36th Avenue S
  • Thursday, August 19th – Northeast Neighborhoods General Workshop – 6:30PM at Audubon Park, 1320 29th Avenue NE

Please RSVP to Ashley Robertson at or 612-335-5869

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FAQ: Water Heater Woes

From the Minnesota Energy Challenge Blog:

But when I turn my water heater down, I can’t get hot water to my upstairs bathroom!

Pipe wrap is an easy and quick solution to water heating woes – and it’s one of the materials that we provide and install for you as part of the CES program!

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FAQ: Should I Toss my Incandescents?

From the Energy Challenge blog:

But what should I do with old incandescents that are still, technically, working?

:: Minnesota Energy Challenge Blog

Upcoming Workshops

Community Energy Services (CES) is going strong in Minneapolis!  If you are a member of our eligible neighborhoods, RSVP now for a workshop and sign up for your home visit – it’s a great time of year to make energy improvements on your house.

Eligible neighborhoods are: Audubon, Bryn-Mawr, Cedar Riverside, Corcoran, East Calhoun, Field-Regina-Northrop, Folwell, Fulton, Hawthorne, Kenny, Kingfield, Linden Hills, Lind-Bohanon, Logan Park, Longfellow, Lyndale, Marcy-Holmes, McKinley, Prospect Park-East River Road, Seward, SE Como, Shingle Creek, Standish-Ericsson, Tangletown, Victory, Waite Park, Webber-Camden, and Windom.

Our remaining July workshops are:

  • Standish Ericsson – Thursday, July 22nd, 2010, Sibley Park, 1900 4th Street SE, 6:30 PM.
  • Webber-Camden, McKinley and Folwell – Thursday, July 27th, 2010, Folwell Park Recreation Center, 1615 Dowling Avenue N, 6:30 PM.

RSVP today by emailing Ashley at or calling 612-335-5869