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CES Testimonial: A Worry-Free Winter

“A big THANKS is in order. We just replaced our ancient boiler with a new 95%+ efficient boiler/water heater system. We could do this ONLY because LHP&L [Linden Hills Power & Light] got us hooked up with CEE’s Community Energy Services program. With their help we got a loan and are eligible for multiple rebates/tax credit, so we could afford to replace it! No more worrying if that old thing will make it through the winter. Yea!  Thanks again. See our lawn sign below.”

Thank you Deb. P in Linden Hills for the wonderful shout-out and showing off your awesome CES lawn sign!  Keep up the good work and enjoy a warm and efficient winter.


CES Testimonials

CES Testimonial from Paula in Prospect Park

“We were very impressed with the CES program.  The price of the home energy visit was very reasonable, and we more than recouped that money.  The expertise of the home visit crew was excellent.  And they were very knowledgeable and patient with us answering all our questions about a very unique situation in our attic.  The recommendations we received were very helpful.

CES provided a recommended contractor list for the air sealing and insulation work, which was very re-assuring and made it so much more easy than having to go to the phone book to try and find a contractor we could trust.  G.R. Danielson did the work and they were superlative!  We were so impressed.  They showed up on time, did a great job clean up also.  They were very thorough with their work, even fixing old problems that had been done by a previous insulation company.

We would highly recommend them and the CES program to anyone!” – Paula Hendrickson from Prospect Park

Thank you, Paula!  CES is currently available to 28 neighborhoods in Minneapolis, and we have four workshops coming up in September where you can sign up for your home visit.  Learn more at the Community Energy Services website!

CES Testimonial from Fulton Resident

Johnny Northside Does CES

Prolific North Minneapolis blogger Johnny Northside has profiled his experience with the Community Energy Services program in the Hawthorne neighborhood – check it out!

:: The Adventures of Johnny Northside

Read What a Longfellow Homeowner Said About the Program

“Last fall I attended a workshop that gave me tons of great ideas for how to reduce the energy I use in my home as well as gave me an opportunity to ask energy experts all the questions I could think of on the topic.  As part of this workshop I was able to sign up for an in-home visit by those experts, who walked through my home with me, answered more questions, and gave me probably more than $150 worth of energy saving products including a programmable thermostat, low flow showerhead, aerators and more florescent light bulbs than I could count.  They also did a blower door test (which really highlights how much heat my home was unnecessarily losing) and installed everything for me.  Two years ago I spent $100 on an energy audit through Xcel and got some good information but none of those products.  This program costs just $20 and had plenty of options for scheduling so I didn’t have to take time off work to participate.  At the end of the home visit, they sat down with me, reviewed my options for potential higher cost improvements, helped me prioritize them, gave me a list of qualified contractors from which to choose (which I double checked on Angie’s list for good measure), and gave me information on potential ways to finance projects and qualify for rebates.  For just $20, you can’t afford not to sign up, and sign your neighbors up too.”

Read What A Past Participant Had To Say About His Home Visit!

Jeff Alden, a Fulton Neighborhood board member explains what happened at his customized home visit. “On the appointed day, two home energy auditors from CEE showed up at our house promptly at 3 p.m. While one of the guys went around the house unscrewing old light bulbs and replacing them with CFLs, the other began setting up a front door blower test to look for air leaks. While he was rigging that up, he asked if he could drill a hole in a closet, and pulled out a little cap to plug it up afterwards. By now, the other fellow was in the attic measuring the insulation. Soon we were all down in the basement looking at the furnace and hearing, thankfully, that it was in great shape. All the while, the guys were offering tips and gadgets for various low cost adjustments we could make on our own including a filter to lower the flow from the kitchen tap; electric socket sealers; a programmable thermostat and low flow shower head — though we didn’t take them up on the last two. We ended up in the kitchen where they provided us with the names of approved contractors, a rough idea of how much various improvements (like insulation) should cost, and information about significant rebates that are available to homeowners in Fulton — all in all, a very efficient use of twenty bucks.”