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CES Testimonial: A Worry-Free Winter

“A big THANKS is in order. We just replaced our ancient boiler with a new 95%+ efficient boiler/water heater system. We could do this ONLY because LHP&L [Linden Hills Power & Light] got us hooked up with CEE’s Community Energy Services program. With their help we got a loan and are eligible for multiple rebates/tax credit, so we could afford to replace it! No more worrying if that old thing will make it through the winter. Yea!  Thanks again. See our lawn sign below.”

Thank you Deb. P in Linden Hills for the wonderful shout-out and showing off your awesome CES lawn sign!  Keep up the good work and enjoy a warm and efficient winter.


Pictures from Seward Workshop 9/14/2010

Helen readies the most important table - the treats!

Tom, Casey and Helen are ready to greet and register folks for the workshop!

Kyle, one of the fabulous CES community organizers, sets up for the workshop.

Kyle talks about next steps with our workshop participants.

Shingle Creek / Lind Bohanon Workshop

Thanks for coming out last night, Northwest Minneapolitans!  And welcome to the 16 new households who are now part of Community Energy Services.  We appreciate your questions and commitment.

Pictures from Workshops

Thanks everyone for coming out to the workshops!

University District Alliance 6.5.2010

Linden Hills 5.25.2010

Waite Park 5.20.2010

Corcoran Homeowners Rallied Together at Workshops!

Over 90 Corcoran homeowners gathered together to schedule customized home energy visits and learn how to reduce their energy use at recent workshops.  Homeowners were thrilled to go home with four compact flourescent light bulbs, two sets of gasket seals and a pack of safety caps to start saving now!

Don’t miss out on your neighborhood’s workshops, contact Ashley Robertson at 612-335-5869 today!

Johnny Northside Does CES

Prolific North Minneapolis blogger Johnny Northside has profiled his experience with the Community Energy Services program in the Hawthorne neighborhood – check it out!

:: The Adventures of Johnny Northside

Pics from Past Workshops

Wondering what a Community Energy Services workshop looks like?  We just uploaded some new pictures from our Fall 2009 workshops to Facebook – check them out!