CES Testimonial from Paula in Prospect Park

“We were very impressed with the CES program.  The price of the home energy visit was very reasonable, and we more than recouped that money.  The expertise of the home visit crew was excellent.  And they were very knowledgeable and patient with us answering all our questions about a very unique situation in our attic.  The recommendations we received were very helpful.

CES provided a recommended contractor list for the air sealing and insulation work, which was very re-assuring and made it so much more easy than having to go to the phone book to try and find a contractor we could trust.  G.R. Danielson did the work and they were superlative!  We were so impressed.  They showed up on time, did a great job clean up also.  They were very thorough with their work, even fixing old problems that had been done by a previous insulation company.

We would highly recommend them and the CES program to anyone!” – Paula Hendrickson from Prospect Park

Thank you, Paula!  CES is currently available to 28 neighborhoods in Minneapolis, and we have four workshops coming up in September where you can sign up for your home visit.  Learn more at the Community Energy Services website!


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