Frequently Asked Questions: The Home Visit

Part of the awesome package provided as part of Community Energy Services (CES) is a home visit performed by two qualified energy experts who will come to your home to help you discover your home’s unique energy opportunities.  So how is a home visit different than an energy audit?

First of all, you get visited by TWO people, rather than one.  This allows our energy technician to run all the diagnostic tests (like a blower door to test air leaks) while leaving the energy counselor free to talk one-on-one with you about your concerns.  They also help install materials, so you start saving money on the spot!

Once our home crews identify your home’s energy opportunities, they can also provide customized information about financing and rebates, including the estimated cost of the improvement AND a list of qualified contractors that we have approved.  So if we know you need more attic insulation, we can tell you how much that will cost, who to go to for a good job and what rebates, loan programs and other incentives are available to help you pay for the improvement.

We’re not kidding when we say that Community Energy Services is a one-stop shop!  For more information about CES and it’s availability in your area, visit our website or contact Ashley at or 612-335-5869.


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