Read What A Past Participant Had To Say About His Home Visit!

Jeff Alden, a Fulton Neighborhood board member explains what happened at his customized home visit. “On the appointed day, two home energy auditors from CEE showed up at our house promptly at 3 p.m. While one of the guys went around the house unscrewing old light bulbs and replacing them with CFLs, the other began setting up a front door blower test to look for air leaks. While he was rigging that up, he asked if he could drill a hole in a closet, and pulled out a little cap to plug it up afterwards. By now, the other fellow was in the attic measuring the insulation. Soon we were all down in the basement looking at the furnace and hearing, thankfully, that it was in great shape. All the while, the guys were offering tips and gadgets for various low cost adjustments we could make on our own including a filter to lower the flow from the kitchen tap; electric socket sealers; a programmable thermostat and low flow shower head — though we didn’t take them up on the last two. We ended up in the kitchen where they provided us with the names of approved contractors, a rough idea of how much various improvements (like insulation) should cost, and information about significant rebates that are available to homeowners in Fulton — all in all, a very efficient use of twenty bucks.”


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